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How To Submit Request For Verify Facebook Page. Is Verification depend on Page Category. ? Facebook pages are of various categories. It does not matter if you change your page category from settings will also change your page type. Just take an example if our Safe Tricks fans currently in the category of Internet Website but we can change it into Brand or celebrity. Now the question comes out, will Facebook treat my page like brand or celebrity ? But in actual it not the case. Just by changing your page category will not change your page behavior and not lets you to get verified. If your page is about celebrity and you chosen a wrong one in that condition you are seeking for verification then it will not work for you. In short, Page Category Should always matches With Page Type. So if your page is just a community page and by changing its category will not results page verification. Facebook Accepts only pages of these categories.Celebrities.Journalists.Government Officials.Popul…

Top 100+ Local Business Listing Sites To List Your Business On For Free

Top 100+ Local Business Listing Sites To List Your Business On For Free We have spent years narrowing down the best local directory and social sites that any business can list on for free. Listing your business information on these free business listing sites increases online exposure and provides new avenues to reach potential customers. These business listings, also commonly referred to as local SEO citations, are one of the most important local search ranking factors for major search engines and are completely necessary for any effective local SEO campaign. Enjoy this list of free sites to list your business, check back often as we regularly maintain and update this list – and don’t forget to share this page if you find this list useful.

7 Unannounced Updates to Google My Business we’ve seen in 2017

Google has been quietly rolling out new features and updates to Google My Business over the last several months, and columnist Joy Hawkins has compiled these underreported changes.
We all know that Google is constantly launching updates to their products (over 1,600 last year), and some of these changes are well covered and some slip by unnoticed. I have quietly been keeping track of some of the major changes I’ve noticed so far this year that would impact those of us who work in Local SEO and wanted to share my observations.
1. Google removes permanently closed listings from the Local Finder If you look at the picture from my article last year about permanently closed listings, you’ll see that there used to be tons of “permanently closed” listings ranking in the Local Finder. They would typically show up at the end of the list (after the open ones), and if you edited a ranking listing to make it appear permanently closed, it would instantly drop to the back of the list.

Responsive website Templates Free Download For Business and Personal Website.

Get the Free Responsive Website Templates for Business and Personal Website or Blog
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